Multipass is the first multisite subscription, to surf without ads and access premium content.

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Multipass won the INMA price of 2017 awarded by medias.

The shared user subscription

Multipass pays you according to the time spent per subscriber on your website.
Shared between webmasters according to time spent
If you are the origin of the subscription
Management fee
Our plugin measure active time spent on your pages, on mobiles, tablets and computers.
Time spent reading reveals the interest of the reader and the quality of the content.

A simple and turnkey plugin

Multipass can be used instead or with your actual subscription.
One hour is all you need to install Multipass.

Our only requirement: no ad for Multipass's subscribers.

A last generation content locking

Lock your exclusives and originals contents to your premium subscribers
One of the reason of our success is our premium widget
  • Metered Model
  • Creating archives or early access content
  • Teasers
  • SEOfa compatible

An effective 'Support us' option

Give the option to support freely your content and creations

Powerful marketing tools

Multipass allows to define user profiles: regulars, adblockers, ready to pay...

La diversité est attractive

25% of your readers are ready to pay for your content, if it is a part of a global offer Netflix and Spotify are proofs that "unlimited" is the new way of consuming content. Multipass makes the perfect balance between remuneration and article's reach.

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Frequently Asked Questions

I already have a subscription system. Why should I use Multipass?

Multipass can help you broaden the reach of your premium content, with new subscribers. We are a non binding, non exclusive service : you can also run your own subscription if you wish to.

Can I offer Multipass only to visitors who are blocking ads?

Absoluty - Multipass comes with built in adblock detection so that you can freely experiment and find the best compromise for your audience. Some publishers roll out Multipass for blockers first.

I am not a developer. Can I install Multipass on my own?

Yes - We have designed Multipass so that it is very easy to install. Our plugins take care of most of the configuration, and we have example code that you can simply copy and paste.